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Locksmith Sharjah: How to Deal with a Lockout Situation

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Lockouts are common and frustrating. Losing or forgetting keys or having a broken lock can ruin your day. In this article, Locksmith Sharjah will share some tips for dealing with lockout situations quickly and safely.

Understanding Lockout Situations

What is a Lockout?

A lockout happens when you can’t get into your house, office or car because of lost/misplaced keys or a faulty lock.

Common Causes of Lockouts

  1. Lost Keys – This is the most common reason why people get locked out.
  2. Stolen Keys – If someone steals your keys, it might lead to being locked outside too!
  3. Malfunctioning Locks – Sometimes locks stop working due to wear and tear caused by age or other factors like technical faults which may make them fail to respond when turned with a key inserted into them correctly.
  4. Internal Pins and Tumblers – The pins inside the lock mechanism may become misaligned or damaged.


Immediate Steps to Take

Stay Calm

Don’t panic! Stay calm so that you can think clearly about what needs to be done next without endangering yourself further or causing more damage than there already is.

Assess the Situation

Evaluate the situation first: are they lost? Or were they stolen from me? Or could this be because there’s something wrong with my key/lock system altogether?

Alternative Entry Points

Check for Unlocked Windows or Doors

Is another entrance open somewhere else? Try all windows and back doors for entry if any are not locked up tightly yet before giving up hope entirely on gaining access into your own property once again!

Use Spare Keys

If one has spare keys kept with close-by neighbours/friends then now would be a good time to use them. Spare keys need to be stored in a secure place but where they can easily be reached when needed.

Professional Locksmith Sharjah Services

When to Call a Locksmith

If alternative entry points have been ruled out and one does not have any spare keys then it is high time one called for professional locksmith services. They are equipped with tools that will help them open doors without damaging anything.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Locksmith

  1. Prompt Response: They respond quickly because this is what they do every day.
  2. Specialised Tools: A locksmith Sharjah has all the necessary tools needed for different types of locks which means there won’t be any need to break or replace anything unnecessarily.
  3. Expertise in Security Systems: These people can evaluate your existing security system and advise you on how best you should improve it so as to meet current standards required by insurance companies etcetera.

Choosing a Reputable Locksmith Sharjah Service

Ensure that you select only reputable locksmith Sharjah service providers within Sharjah by reading their reviews; checking if they are certified or licensed to operate within your area among other things.

Locksmith Techniques

Lock Picking

This is one common method used by many locksmiths. It involves manipulation of internal pins and tumblers within the lock so as to open it up without necessarily using keys.

Key Cutting and Duplication

In case your key has broken inside; these experts are capable of cutting another one for you. Spare key duplications can also be done here too!

Lock Rekeying

If maybe your keys have been lost or stolen; rekeying can be done whereby old locks’ internal pins are changed so that they cannot work with those particular missing or stolen keys anymore.

Dealing with Malfunctioning or Damaged Locks

Sometimes locks might fail to operate normally either due to mechanical problems or because they got damaged during burglary attempts etcetera – locksmiths have skills needed for fixing such issues thus saving both money & time on new installations. For better security, it’s advisable that people should always go for top quality locks whenever replacements become necessary after experiencing this kind of challenge.

Preventive Strategies

Proper Key Management

Always keep your keys at one designated place and avoid putting them in areas where anyone can easily see or reach them.

Install Security Measures

  1. Security Cameras: These help monitor entrances plus act as deterrents against potential intruders too.
  2. Access Control Systems: Allow only authorized persons to enter into specific parts of your premises.
  3. High-Quality Locks: Invest in strong durable locks which cannot be easily tampered with by any means whatsoever.


Preventive Best Practices

  1. Spare Keys: Always keep spare keys with someone you trust such as a close relative or friend.
  2. Security System Evaluation: Regularly check all components making up your security systems so that any faults detected can be rectified on time before they become major problems later on.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Look out for locksmith services providers who prioritize customer satisfaction above all other things.



What do I do if I misplace my keys?

In case of key loss, the first thing you should do is conduct an exhaustive search for them. If you still can’t find them, call a professional locksmith who will rekey your locks and give you new keys.

Can I pick my own lock?

While it is technically possible to pick your own lock, it is strongly advised against unless you are a trained professional with specialized tools as using improper techniques might end up damaging the lock.

How can I prevent future lockouts?

To prevent getting locked out in future, ensure that you manage your keys well by giving a trusted person an extra pair and also fit some security measures.

What are the costs of locksmith services?

The amount charged depends on the type of service required whereby lock picking and rekeying are relatively cheap while intricate security installations may be more costly.


Dealing with a lockout can be stressful but following correct procedures as well as involving professionals will help solve the issue fast. Enhance home safety standards while minimising chances of another lockout by taking cues from Sharjah locksmiths’ recommendations which should also be coupled with preventive measures.

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Putting these tips into practice will enable you handle any lockout effectively thus improving overall safety. It is important to note that emergency situations are always covered by reliable locksmith services within Sharjah hence their contacts should be kept close by at all times.

Bullet Points for Key Takeaways

  • Always keep spare keys in a secure but accessible location.
  • Regularly maintain and assess your security systems.
  • Choose a reliable locksmith service in case of emergencies.
  • Implement preventive strategies to avoid future lockouts.

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